How to connect

Locix has an open peering policy. If you have a public ASN and routable resources (IPv4/IPv6) you are welcome to join Locix.

How to connect?
First, you must choose a location and datacenter where Locix is present.
There are multiple ways to connect.
You can connect via a crossconnect or via a partner.

If you are physically located in a datacenter where Locix is present, start by asking crossconnect prices to your datacenter. Afterwards you can contact us to get a LOA so that datacenter can connect you. Even though we strive to get the best prices for you available, the cost of crossconnect falls under your responsibilities.

Via a partner:
You can join Locix via a partner. To do that, contact a partner of your choosing from the list to learn about their offers and services. As soon as you are connected, apply us with partners name and MAC address for Locix interface assigned to you. From here on we will take the necessary steps to connect you to Locix.