LocIX Policy for connecting new members via resellers and partners

1Any reseller who is connected over 1 Gbps can host a maximum of 10 LocIX members in their network. This is to give every member at least 100 Mbps dedicated connectivity when all members are using their ports to the maximum.
1.1Members are limited to 1 ASN per port. If they own a second ASN, they will need another IX membership and a second port.
1.2We do not allow remote membership, this includes any kind of GRE/VPN tunnel.
1.3You can be a direct member if you have means to connect LocIX over cross-connects.
2As a reseller, you can host up to 10 members over your network, including your own
2.1Reseller ports will have MAC filtering.
2.2If a reseller needs to host more than 10 members, they will need to connect to LocIX over 10 Gbps by means of Cross-connect or dark fibre. All costs for this will be paid by the reseller and must be a direct connection to LocIX to ensure members have redundancy and won't be affected by upstream limitations/saturation etc. In this case, you can host up-to 100 ASNs over your direct connection.
2.3For 10Gbps reseller connections, No VLANs are accepted. It must be direct.
2.4As a reseller or partner, you can not tunnel members through remotely.
2.5Resellers can't ask for a membership fee for LocIX under any conditions.
3To be a partner, you should have at least 2x 10Gbps connections to LocIX and be approved by the core team.
3.1Partners can also host resellers. ASN and network limitations are combined for Partners and their resellers.
3.2If you are an approved partner and you host a LocIX switch, you can have as many members as you can. Rule of thumb is having more than 100 Mbps available for any member at any given time. "Connection between partner and LocIX switches / Number of ASNs >= 100 Mbps" So if you have 20Gbps connection this number can not exceed 200 ASNs. This would be the total count including members connected via the resellers in that partner's network.
3.3The connection between partner network and LocIX may have an at most 75 percentile usage. If you have more than 75% usage, you should consider increasing the network capacity between LocIX and your switches. Ideally, we would want a network to have at most 60% usage at peak times.
3.4Partners may apply cross-connect or L2 transport fees to justify the cross connect / dark fiber they installed connecting to LocIX RS.
4LocIX reserves the right to deny a member/reseller or partner application without justification.
5Connections over 10G ports may be subject to technical limitations of the switches in your location. If there are no available ports you might donate a switch or wait until LocIX can get one.
5.1In case of Cross Connects, we apply a "Bring your own optics" rule.
5.2LocIX is a non-profit project and intends to stay that way. All provisioning, configuration and management related issues are handled by its team in their free time and delays related to this may be expected.
5.3Partners and resellers with their own dark fibers/wavelengths may charge for providing connection L2 to LOCIX that belong to them for cover their own costs for carrier.
5.4LOCIX was created to exchange traffic between operators over several data centers for reduce transit costs as also availability connect to peering platform from datacenters without any IX's presences and carriers on site.
6If a member uses LOCIX for personal/business/experimental purposes or L2 between data centers that is inconsistent with the intended purpose of the project, it will be immediately disconnected and excluded from membership without any justification.
7The lack of knowledge and familiarity with the regulations does not in any way relieve member for responsibility and enforce regulations.